Brooks Equipment Refurbishment Services

Brooks Repair and Parts Depot locations across the globe – global logistics.

  • Short Lead-time Spares and Repairs Availability
  • Reduced Cost of Freight and Downtime
  • Access to Brooks Quality Repairs Anywhere in the World

Brooks Certified Repair processes at all regional repair centers.

  • All Repair Centers Tied to New Product Manufacturing to Insure Latest Quality Processes
  • All Repairs Performed to Latest OEM Tool and Brooks Component Revision
  • Only Original, High Quality OEM Parts are Used in All Repairs
  • Copy Exact Configuration Management and Tracking Assures Compliance
  • Response Time Services for Fast-Swap Exchanges Available
  • Product Wafer Safety and Quality Improvements are Built into Brooks Repairs
  • Product Enhancements and Upgrades are also available during time of repair