PathFinder Racks

PathFinder sample racks have been designed to compliment PathFinder laboratory automation platforms for automating the processing of sample collection tubes in a pathology laboratory. The PathFinder rack design has been optimized for:

  • High positional accuracy required for reliable, high speed automation.
  • Robust construction to give long operational life.
  • High volume manufacturing to keep the cost affordable.

Key Benefits of PathFinder Racks

  • Indexed sample well positions.
  • Provision for barcode labeling.
  • Multiple re-use.
  • Suitable for low temperature storage (down to -80 deg C).
  • PF20, PF50 and PFC50 racks have poka-yoke feature to ensure the rack is locked in the correct orientation.

Types of PathFinder Racks

  • 20 well “PF20” rack for use as a generic low volume automation rack.
  • 50 well “PF50” rack for use as a generic high volume automation and storage rack.
  • 128 well “PF128” rack specifically for use as a high capacity storage rack for PathFinder foil sealed 12 – 13mm diameter sample tubes.
  • 50 well self-centering rack “PFC50” for use as an input rack on PathFinder systems fitted with high force grippers*
Tube Diameter Range12-16mm12-16mm12-13mm12-16mm
Width4.5cm or 1.8"11.5cm or 4.5"13.2cm or 5.2"12.2cm or 4.8"
Length24cm or 9.4"24cm or 9.4"24.6cm or 10.1"25.7cm or 10.1"
Height5.5cm or 2.2"5.5cm or 2.2"5.5cm or 1.8"5.3cm or 2.1"
Extended fence?NoNoYesNo
Desk Space**
6 slots11 slots12 slots11 slots

*  Standard on all PathFinders from October 2019
** Refers to the space requirements on a PathFinder sorter tray

Part Numbers

Gold (Yellow)G-L-P084G-L-P079PS-SRT-P278GOPS-SRT-P525YE
Pale BlueG-L-P086G-L-P081PS-SRT-P278PBPS-SRT-P525PB
Pale GreenG-L-P087G-L-P082PS-SRT-P278PGPS-SRT-P525PG
Light GreyG-L-P088G-L-P083PS-SRT-P278LGPS-SRT-P525LG
Royal BlueNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailablePS-SRT-P525RB
OrangeNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailablePS-SRT-P525

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