TCP Command Server Archive

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Version IDRelease DateDescription
TCP Command Server 3.0C1May 27, 2021
  • Added support for dual servoed gripper. Detected by the &H80 bit being set in DataID 2003 "Axis mask" for PF400 or PF300. In dual gripper mode, some safe locations are different
  • New command "SetActiveGripper <gripper> <spin> <profile> >" selects current gripper
  • New command "GetActiveGripper" returns the selected gripper number
  • In dual gripper mode, the return values for the IsFullyClosed command have changed.
TCP Command Server 3.0B3January 27, 2021In HeightDetect command, reduce time delay after height detect triggered.
TCP Command Server 3.0B2December 14, 2020Fix bug preventing load/save of pallet info in .gpo file. Gives error -707 when you attempt to load saved data or reload project.
TCP Command Server 3.0B1May 14, 2020
  • Fixed bug so that WaitForEOM properly detects "timeout nulling errors" in the previous motion
  • In command Catch block, remap async errors if possible
  • Added missing constants to PARobot_auto_center.gpl that cause compile errors when used in standalone applications
  • Added optional argument to DestC and DestJ commands. If omitted or 0, behavior is the same as before. If specified as 1, the actual destination values are returned, regardless of whether or not the robot is moving.
TCP Command Server 3.0A7May 30, 2019
  • In Z-height detection, added save/restore/change of "Max negative PID limit" (10352). During process, increase PID limit to avoid generating bogus error when using new GPL versions.
  • Added special AC_Force_Filter routine that can adjust the single pole filter that is applied to all force readings during the Height Detection method.
TCP Command Server 3.0A6August 10, 2018Add Payload command.
TCP Command Server 3.0A5October 17, 2017
  • Added check for initialization to PARobot_auto_center.gpl routines. Return -320 if not initialized.
  • Enhance "pc" command to allow string DataIDs to be written.
TCP Command Server 3.0A4April 4, 2016Fix bug in loading angles locations. Values were read as all 0s.
TCP Command Server 3.0A3September 3, 2015Major enhancements for version 3.0
  • Added Station class to hold location and reference frame info
  • Converted all instructions to use stations
  • Location and profile indices now start at 1 instead of 0 so that general commands and PARobot commands use the same index values
  • Added support for pallets in PARobot. Added new instructions: PalletOrigin, PalletX, PalletY, PalletZ, PalletIndex, StationType, StationLoc
  • Changed plug-in hooks to return Reply
  • Updated file load/store to handle stations. Remove UpdateFile command. Add StoreFile.
  • Removed explicit N_LOC and N_PROF references in code to allow dynamic arrays. Change default number of locations to 20.
  • Removed locidx and profidx instructions. Added location index and profile index arguments to all instructions that used current location or current profile.
  • Fixed bug in Rail command. Returned spurious "1" in PC mode
  • Added support for PF300
  • Fixed Cmd_MoveToSafe, Cmd_ChangeConfig, Cmd_ChangeConfig2 to not generate an error if a non-servo gripper is being used.
TCP Command Server 2.1A2May 12, 2015
  • Fixed bug in sFormat causes exception for large values
  • Corrected license error message in PF400_auto_center.gpl
  • Upgraded PF400 routines to support PP100 robot
  • For the PP100, the following functions are disabled: Cmd_MoveToSafe, Cmd_ChangeConfig, Cmd_ChangeConfig2, Cmd_PickPlate with horizontal, stations, Cmd_PlacePlate with horizontal stations, Cmd_HomeAll_IfNoPlate, Cmd_IsFullyClosed, Cmd_HeightDetect
  • For the PP100, all rail operations are ignored
  • Generalized PF400 plug-in for all robots rather than PF400
  • Renamed PF400* files to PARobot*
  • Fixed format of tcs.gpo so that GDE editor works properly
  • Changed MIN_SFTSTP from 75 to 73 to increase squeeze force
  • Added support for multiple status threads
  • Changed "OpenStatusPort" to NumStatusPorts. Default is 1.
TCP Command Server 2.0B9August 01, 2014
  • Fixed bug in Class_StringList.gpl GetList only returned 1st item in list due to GPL bug. Only affects serial command interface.
  • Added AC_HorizCompliance2 that permits a bias torque to be added to each axis during horizontal compliance mode. This was implemented because axes sometimes need a small holding torque to maintain position and turning off all torques sometimes resulted in axes twitching into a natural position.
  • Added optional argument to PickPlate and PlacePlate commands to support torque bias feature of AC_HorizCompliance2.
TCP Command Server 2.0B8February 06, 2014Add optional 7th parameter to movec to allow config to be set.
TCP Command Server 2.0B7August 26, 2013
  • Updated Z-height detection to eliminate up to 5 sec delay that occurred if the Z axis traveled its full length before finding a surface.
TCP Command Server 2.0B6July 21,2013
  • Fixed bug preventing storing angles locations via UpdateFile
  • Updated force grip routines to permit both closing to grasp a plate, and now, also permitting opening to grasp a plate
  • Updated Z-height detection routines
  • Fixed bug in Cmd_PickPlate/Cmd_PlacePlate that incorrectly repositioned jt 4 when trying to center axis to within +-180 degrees during the approach motion. Could be off by 180 degrees.
TCP Command Server 2.0B5November 05, 2012
  • Fixed bug in PF400 where profiles moderate_sl and fast_sl were set to ji motion
  • HereC command now saves current robot configuration
  • Fixed bug in StringList.PutList could change list order
  • Added Base and Tool commands.
TCP Command Server 2.0B4September 21, 2012
  • Modified destc and destj to return Robot.Where values if trajectory generator is idle or in jog mode
  • Added ChangeConfig2 command with new algorithm to change configuration
  • Added config to WhereC outputs
  • Added Auto Center routines for PF400. Currently, only the HeightDetect function is supported.
  • Fixed bug in PickPlate and PlacePlate when using rail. Location.Kinesol does not compensate for rail position.
  • Added horizontal compliance option to PickPlate and PlacePlate
TCP Command Server 2.0B3September 10, 2012
  • Generalized hook routine support
  • Added MoveOneAxis and MoveExtraAxis to base module
  • Added Rail, MoveRail, and GraspData commands to PF400
  • Added support for using force gripper to PickPlate and ReleasePlate
  • Fixed bug with input args swapped for GraspData command
  • Fixed hang bug if ChangeConfig issued in FreeMode
  • Require attachment to enter free mode
  • Reported error if non-numeric value supplied to numeric argument
  • Added destc and destj commands to return Robot.Dest values.
TCP Command Server 2.0 A5 ReleaseFebruary 8, 2012Initial 2.0 release