Advanced Packaging Solutions

With over 10 years of Advanced Packaging Substrate handling experience, Brooks enables global OEM success at worldwide advanced packaging fabs through loading, mapping, handling & aligning bowed, warped, thick or thin substrates

High Value Problems and Innovation Opportunities in Advanced Packaging

Today’s fabs need a cost-effective automation solution that provides increased flexibility in handling wafers, tape frames, panels, die trays, transparent, warped, bowed, heavier and lighter wafers.

Extreme environment cleanliness is required for hybrid bonding and other advanced processes. Any surface particles and defects significantly reduce yield and increase final product cost.

With the variability in materials, todays fabs require advanced handling automation with real-time adaptability using machine vision and analytical capabilities.

Brooks Handling Solutions work across EFEMs and Sorters for Advanced Packaging

Brooks can simplify sourcing and servicing for both OEMs and Fabs

EFEM and Sorters for Advanced Packaging:

      • Combined solutions work across EFEMs and Sorters.
          • Tested and verified handling solutions for each type of handing
          • Lower risk from differing designs and strategies
      • Service and spares across both Sorters and EFEMs can be combined